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Genital Wart Symptoms

Posted on October 2, 2021 by Abe Stallons

Not everybody that is infected by the human pappilloma virus (HPV) will have warts that show somewhere on the body. More often than not there are no visible symptoms and many individuals have been known to go through their entire lives without an outbreak. When genital wart symptoms do develop, it is usually within a couple of months after the initial infection. In some cases, symptoms didn't develop for many years after infection. The most prominent genital wart symptoms to watch out for if you suspect you have been infected are irritation, itching and bleeding out of 1 place somewhere in the area of your genitals or anus. For girls this also includes the inside of the vagina.

When genital wart symptoms do appear, the wart itself is usually invisible or at times it stays underneath the surface layer and doesn't break through. If they do break they can be in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They can be large or they can be too small to be observed by the naked eye. They can be individual or else they can come in groups or clusters.

Genital wart symptoms can differ from person to person in every way. In some people they can appear as small, cauliflower-like clusters or like flat, white areas that resemble dry, flaky skin more than the development of a wart. What's more, the breakout can be internal and may be happening from the urethra, the rectum or the cervix. In such cases, the victim will observe some irregularity during defecation, urination, or sex that leads to a thorough examination by a qualified physician that will lead to the appropriate diagnosis and hopefully, a successful treatment.

In men, warts can occur on the exterior of the penis as well as the exterior of the scrotum. This is usually easily treated with creams and lotions and regular washing of the area with warm, soapy water and is usually enough to eliminate the warts and prevent further outbreaks.