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How to make money blogging

Hi, I'm Jonathan. I failed at starting a blog a number of times before I started to see success. Looking back, there were a few core fundamentals and a couple of great mentors that made the difference.

That's why I started Bloggeroid, to help people focus on the fundamentals and ignore the noise that doesn't yield success. It's a story about connecting, learning and reaching new heights.

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What people have to say:

I started a niche website a while back, the updates I got from Bloggeroid helped me grow in a lot of ways. After a couple months, I’ve started to turn a profit. Better yet, I get to write about things that really enjoy! Thanks Jonathan!

James Stevens

I had always blogged because I loved sharing with others, but I wanted to reach more people. I started following Bloggeroid a few months ago, Jonathan’s tips helped me grow my audience and help more people!

Paula Turner

Why Bloggeroid?

I started blogging a couple of years after I graduated college. It opened up a path to a much brighter career for me, one that my traditional education and desk job couldn't do for me. I started Bloggeroid to help others find success as well.

  • Actionable advice. I only give suggestions that have helped me personally.
  • All info is free. The goal is to help you keep your costs as low as possible.

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